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Securible Partnerships

Securible has the following cyber industry relationships:

Cyber Courseware Development 

Securible, LLC can provide your organization full-service cyber courseware development. We are experts in instructional systems design (ISD) and use the ADDIE model*  to develop educational content for in-person training, E-learning training, and vILT (virtual instructor lead training). We can develop content that maps to either Management or Technical tracks. These tracks can also be progressive to have it map to Novice, Journeyman, or Experts.

Example of the types of learning artifacts we can create: 

  • Learning Objectives
  • Slides/Lecture content
  • Video recordings
  • Case Studies
  • Lab Activities/Hands-on Training
  • Quizzes/Assessments
  • Surveys
  • Post-event follow up

    Content can be mapped to the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). This framework has several job roles defined that can be used to map an organization’s job titles to Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) and the NICE specialty areas. These KSA and specialty areas can be used to build out training and educational resources for organizational staff.

    *The ADDIE Model is a framework consisting of general processes used by instructional designers and training developers. Although the ADDIE Model is sequential, the phases overlap and build upon each other. The model represents a guideline for building effective training and performance support tools in five phases: 

  • Analysis Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Implementation Phase
  • Evaluation Phase